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Ultrasound Testing for Pets in Madisonville, LAPet Ultrasound testing in madisonville, la

Request Appointment: Pet Ultrasound Testing

At Tchefuncte Animal Hospital we are proud to offer state-of-the-art ultrasound testing for pets. Ultrasound can reveal whether a pet is pregnant, detect signs of disease and help guide the vet if a biopsy or surgery is required. Ultrasound is a safe procedure that harnesses the power of sound waves to look inside the body in a non-invasive way. 

It’s a quick process and it is an important diagnostic tool that can determine why an animal is losing weight, is in pain or has unusual results following a laboratory test of blood or urine. If you’ve never brought your animal in for ultrasound testing before, an introduction from your veterinarian in Madisonville, LA is in order. 

Common Reasons to Do Ultrasound Testing

Many people think of pregnancy when they think of ultrasound tests. But an ultrasound could be useful for a number of reasons to get a glimpse inside the body of your pet to see what might be wrong.

When people bring their pets in for treatment, our vet may inform them that ultrasound testing is required to come to a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. The following are the most common reasons that the veterinarian may have when requesting in-house ultrasound testing:

  • Your pet is losing weight but has not changed its eating habits
  • A biopsy is needed and the vet needs to visualize the area first
  • An aging animal needs an ultrasound to establish a baseline before geriatric treatment planning
  • The vet wants to follow up on a previous condition
  • Your pet has experienced changes in urination habits
  • The animal has had diarrhea or has been vomiting for a lengthy period
  • Bloodwork results are abnormal
  • Chronic infections with no current explanation
  • Pregnancy

This list of reasons is by no means complete. You should consult with your veterinarian in to learn about other situations where ultrasound testing may be beneficial.

What Can Ultrasound Testing Reveal?

We use ultrasound machine to aim sound waves at the areas of concern inside your pet’s body to get a detailed view of what might be wrong.  For example, the ultrasound can reveal whether a dog or cat is pregnant. Or, the vet can use ultrasound to visualize a mass that then might need to be biopsied and tested in the laboratory. Each case is different. Your vet is trained in using ultrasound scans to quickly get to the underlying problem with your pet.

Make an Appointment for Ultrasound Testing at Your Preferred Animal Hospital in Madisonville Today

You want the best for your beloved companion animal and if your veterinarian in Madisonville has a reason to perform an ultrasound test, you’ll want to set an appointment for this procedure as soon as possible. For more details about ultrasound tests or to make an appointment for your pet with an expert vet in Madisonville, please reach out to the team at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital today at 985-845-7484.

Request Appointment: Pet Ultrasound Testing

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