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Spay and Neuter Your Pet in Madisonville

Did you know that millions of animals are destroyed each year, simply because they were born unwanted? Even the most careful pet owner can't guarantee that a mischievous pet won't run out of the house or yard, and that can mean an unwanted litter at any time.

At Tchefuncte Animal Hospital we recommend that all of our furry patients be spayed and neutered. It will help to decrease the unwanted animal population, plus gives a wide variety of added health benefits to your dog or cat.

kitty and puppy smiling in Madisonville

Spay Your Pet to Reduce Pet Homelessness

There are homeless and feral animals in every state and every community. In fact, shelters in our country take in about 7 million stray animals each year. Only about half of these are adopted, and the rest of them have to be euthanized due to lack of space and money. 

The number of these animals varies by state, but most of them are someone's pet that got lost or members of unwanted litters from fertile animals that somehow got loose. The only way to reduce these numbers is by spaying and neutering every family pet. Unless you've got a purebred animal that's meant for breeding, there's absolutely no reason to avoid spay and neuter surgery for your cat or dog.

Neuter Your Pet for Their Health

It's an undisputed fact: spayed and neutered animals live longer. If you love your furry family member, this is the most important reason to have the procedure done. Part of the reason for this longer lifespan is that altered animals are much less likely to escape and roam the neighborhood, so they're less likely to encounter dangerous other animals, run into accidents with cars, or encounter other problems they wouldn't find in their own home. 

Another reason spayed and neutered animals are healthier is that the procedures prevent certain types of cancer. Altered animals have zero chance of developing uterine, testicular, or other cancers of the reproductive system.

Your Pet's Behavior

It's a myth that spaying and neutering make pets fat and lazy. We encourage you to make sure your pet relaxes and avoid strenuous activity for the first few days after spay and neuter in Madisonville, but most animals are back to their former attitudes within days. What will change is your pet's desire to escape and roam the neighborhood. Males and females in heat are escape artists before their procedure and are less likely to want to run away afterward.

Looking for a Veterinarian in Madisonville LA?

Spaying and neutering are one of many important procedures needed in your pet's life, and you need a caring and professional veterinarian team to make sure your dog or cat stays healthy throughout its life. The team at our animal hospital in Madisonville not only cares for your pet on an emergency basis, we're also determined to make sure our patients remain healthy through preventative wellness checks each year.

Contact our office at 985-845-7484 today for an appointment.

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