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Parasite Prevention for Pets in Madisonville, LApet parasite prevention Madisonville, La

Keeping your pets healthy starts with proper prevention of health concerns. Parasites impact your pet's health and may require treatment in a variety of situations. By working with a veterinarian in Madisonville LA to prevent parasites, you limit the risks and address problems at an early stage.

Common Parasites in Pets

A vet in Madisonville may recommend treatment for a variety of common parasites. The most common concerns that may arise in your dog or cat include:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Heartworms
  • Intestinal worms

Pet parasite prevention in Madisonville starts with understanding the common risks. Depending on your pet's activities and lifestyle, the exposure to specific parasites may vary. Since ticks may carry diseases and heartworms may cause severe health concerns in dogs, you want to address the concern at an early stage of an infestation.

Preventative Options at an Animal Hospital in Madisonville

When you visit our animal hospital in Madisonville, we may recommend a variety of preventative solutions. Generally, we use tools like a flea collar or spray-on flea and tick prevention medications. We may also give your pets oral medications to remove heartworms or prevent other worms from staying in your pet's body.

Treating Parasites

While prevention is the goal, you may need to treat parasites like fleas and ticks when you find the insects on your pets. A veterinarian in Madisonville will evaluate the risks to your pet's health and the severity of the infestation. In the case of ticks, we may suggest testing for diseases that a tick may carry. 

After the initial evaluation, we recommend medications and topical spray-on options to help your pet. We may suggest an oral medication for parasitic worms or internal parasites while a specialized shampoo and cleanser may be appropriate for fleas. Our suggestions depend on your situation and the type of parasites causing harm to your pets.

When to Seek Assistance

Prevention is the key to limiting health risks to your dog or cat. Pet parasite prevention in Madisonville starts with regular visits to a veterinarian and proper testing. You want to bring a pet to our clinic early in their life to check for heartworm or other internal pests. We may suggest testing to determine when a pet has parasites and then we suggest treatment options.

Visit our clinic if you have concerns about parasites or you notice odd behavior in your pets. We also suggest a visit when your pet is vomiting, has a swollen stomach or has signs of anemia. Do not wait if you suspect heartworm or your pet has started losing weight without any clear reasons for the weight loss. It may relate to an internal parasite.

Keeping your pet's healthy starts with proper preventative care. By preventing parasites from getting into your pet's body or limiting the risk of long-term infestations, you prevent complications from the parasites. To learn more about protecting your pet's health or to set up an appointment with a vet in Madisonville, call 985-845-7484 today.

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