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Routine Pet Exams & Check-ups

Pet wellness exams help prevent and detect the presence of diseases and can often detect underlying health conditions before symptoms become apparent.

madisonville veterinarian pet exam

Our veterinarian firmly believes in the benefits of having at least annual pet exams in Madisonville for a number of reasons. These comprehensive pet check-ups at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital in Madisonville give us an opportunity to evaluate the overall health and condition of your furry friend and we do our best to schedule wellness exams concurrently with vaccination boosters for you and your pet’s convenience.

What to Expect during Pet Check-ups in Madisonville

Pet check-ups are typically recommended annually with the exception of young animals that need frequent vaccinations, senior pets and those with special needs or chronic illnesses. Our pet wellness exams include several components, as our veterinarian in Madisonville LA thoroughly evaluates your pet after a detailed consultation. During these procedures, we’ll be looking for any signs of illnesses or conditions that may require attention. Here’s what to expect.

Your Pet Consultation with Our Vet in Madisonville

After filling out a medical history form for your pet, you will meet with our vet in Madisonville will discuss any current concerns you have about your pet’s diet, changes in behavior or unexplained symptoms. We’ll inquire about any current medications, flea preventives or other supplements your give your pet. We will follow up with a thorough examination that typically includes the following tests.

Physical Examinations: Our veterinarian in Madisonville LA will observe your pet’s gait, take their weight and temperature and look them over from head to toe to detect any visible abnormalities including the presence of external parasites. Your vet will listen take your pet’s vital signs and listen to their heart and lungs examine their eyes before gently feeling your pet’s body for any present lumps, skin conditions, or sensitive areas.

Blood Samples: This quick test allows us to run a chemistry panel and blood count to determine whether anemia, diabetes, organ diseases or an infection is present. This exam is also necessary to check for heartworms.

Urinalysis Screening: With a small urine sample we can tell how well your pet’s kidneys are functioning and detect conditions such as urinary tract infections and diabetes. Our technicians will also look for the presence of sediment or blood in the urine.

Stool Sample: We may ask you to bring in a stool sample or we can obtain one here. This lets us check for internal parasites including hookworms, coccidia, roundworms, and giardia.

Our animal hospital in Madisonville features its own state-of-the art onsite lab, so we process blood, urine, and fecal samples right here to provide you with faster results.

Choose Tchefuncte Animal Hospital in Madisonville for Your Pet's Wellness Exam

Come and meet our veterinarian in Madisonville, LA so you and your pets can become a part of the family at Tchefuncte Animal Hospital. Give us a call today at 985-845-7484 to schedule your pet wellness exam to ensure the health of your furry friends.

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