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Microchipping Your Pet with Your Local Vet in Madisonville

When veterinarians in Madisonville LA recommend pet chipping, you may have concerns about the process. While the chip is a minimally invasive procedure, it does offer advantages that allow a pet owner to feel confident in the safety of his or her pet.

pet microchip services at tchefuncte animal hospital in madisonville

What is Pet Microchipping in Madisonville?

Pet microchipping in Madisonville refers to the use of a small, electronic chip placed in your pet. The chip is encased in a glass cylinder and is around the size of a grain of rice. The pet tags give professionals information about your pet's identity when scanned with appropriate electromagnetic scanners. They do not give GPS coordinates to your pet when they are lost but may offer solutions to help you find a pet in specific situations.

Why Consider RFID Pet Microchips?

The reason you want to consider RFID pet microchips ultimately depends on your situation. Vets in Madisonville may suggest a chip to find lost pets when your dog or cat roam or tries to get out of your home. While the chips do not give a GPS coordinate, it does allow professionals to identify your pet when he or she ends up in a shelter or similar location.

A veterinarian in Madisonville may also suggest the chip as a precaution for your pet's health. Although the chip does not contain your pet's medical history, it does allow vets in Madisonville to fill out information in a database. In an emergency situation, vets gain access to your pet's medical information through the database after identifying the animal through a scanner. The result of accurate information prevents accidents or injuries to your pet in an emergency.

When to Consider the Chip in your Pet

A veterinarian in Madisonville may recommend microchipping for a variety of reasons and you want to evaluate your situation before making a decision. As a general rule, you want to consider the chip when you have concerns about your pet's health due to specific conditions or factors that may impact his or her treatment. Since the database identifies your pet when you go through the proper registration process, it allows a veterinarian to access information about the animal before treating an injury or problem.

The chip also helps when you have concerns about reuniting with a pet when he or she gets out of the house. The chip allows professionals to identify your pet and get into contact with a pet owner when they find an animal on the streets. Traditional pet tags may fall off a pet's collar, so a microchip limits the risk of losing your pet due to a problem with their tags.

Have Your Pet Microchipped in Madisonville

Keeping your pet healthy requires more than just regular exercise and visits to a veterinarian. It also requires accurate data to prevent accidents and problems. Pet microchipping offers a solution to help with problems through a database and registration to allow professionals to contact a pet owner. To learn more about RFID pet microchips, contact our animal hospital today.

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